3 Companies Committed to Ending Distracted Driving

McKenney’s Slashes Accidents with Anti Technology-Distraction Technology

Mechanical contractor McKenney’s cut accident rates and severity in a growing fleet of more than 500 trucks by eliminating distracted driving.

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Walsh Keeps Workers Safe by Blocking Unnecessary Smartphone Use on the Job

Walsh Construction is seeing enhanced safety and clearer communication by blocking mobile device distractions for 1,000+ workers, and counting.

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Ferrellgas Rolls Out Software to Help Prevent Distracted Driving

Ferrellgas, the nation’s second-largest retail propane company, committed to preventing distracted driving in 3,500 company vehicles nationwide.

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Study: The Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

The November 2019 TRUCE-commissioned study The Total Economic Impact™ of TRUCE Software, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that a composite organization with 5,500 employees protected by TRUCE’s Contextual Mobility Management (CMM) technology achieved:

360% return on investment over three years

Payback period in less than 3 months

Benefits equaling $12.5M, with a net present value of $9.8M

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