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David Coleman
Strategic Account Executive

Aspen Grove

“Market Leaders creating valued partnerships, promoting a family atmosphere, focusing on the highest safety and quality standards while delivering strategic solutions.”

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[PDF] API Documentation

This document provides a high level overview of the APIs available in TRUCE. Let me know if you have any questions.

[Roadmap] Communicating Change

Use this 6-stage Roadmap as a guide to building an effective communications program – before, during and after the deployment process.

[FAQs] In the Know

This site answers common questions employees have about TRUCE – including about privacy, how it works, and how to troubleshoot.

[Resources] Tips and Tools

We have a number of templates, videos, and guides that you can leverage to enable, educate and engage your employees.

[Template] Sample Workplace Device Policy

This template example outlines generic rules and policies for the use of Mobile Devices by Employees in the workplace.

[PDF] Creating an Effective Mobile Device Policy

We’ve pulled together some best practices around creating and implementing an effective mobile device policy.

[PDF] Installing TRUCE Beacons

This document walks through installation instructions for the TRUCE Beacon.