Created by:

David Coleman
Strategic Account Executive

Black & McDonald

“Nobody gets hurt today or tomorrow”

Contains 9 assets

[PDF] Installing TRUCE Beacons

This document walks through installation instructions for the TRUCE Beacon.

[PowerPoint] TRUCE and Black & McDonald

Take a look at the slide deck I pulled together to illustrate how TRUCE can help Black & McDonald eliminate distracted driving.

[Video] Distracted Driving

See how you can improve the safety of all your drivers by eliminate mobile device distractions before they occur.

[Video] Side-by-Side Comparison

See what it is like to drive with and without TRUCE in your vehicle – and learn the benefits for both your drivers and company as a whole.

[Study] Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

Study finds TRUCE has a 360% return on investment, a payback in less than 3 months, and benefits equaling $12.5M.

[White Paper] Kick Distracted Driving to the Curb

Explore the leading causes of distracted driving – and the benefits and limitations of popular distracted driving technologies.

[Word] TRUCE Solution Experience Agreement

Please download, sign, and return this form to me so we can move forward with the TRUCE Solution Experience.

[Template] Sample Workplace Device Policy

This template example outlines generic rules and policies for the use of Mobile Devices by Employees in the workplace.

[PDF] Creating an Effective Mobile Device Policy

We’ve pulled together some best practices around creating and implementing an effective mobile device policy.