April 02, 2019 | Press Release

Cellcontrol Announces Corporate Name Change to TRUCE Software; Introduces Contextual Mobile Device Management Platform

Cellcontrol rebrands as TRUCE Software

Introduces CMDM technology to eliminate workplace distractions and boost safety and productivity in expanded sectors

Cellcontrol, the global leader in technology for distracted driving, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to TRUCE Software, effective immediately. The name change reflects the company’s vision for improved mobile device management and policy enforcement at work and coincides with its expansion into on-site workplace management and industrial workforce safety using its Contextual Mobile Device Management (CMDM) platform.

“In addition to distracted driving, mobile devices are the greatest cause of productivity loss in the workplace and injury risk on the jobsite,” said Joe Boyle, CEO, TRUCE (formerly Cellcontrol). “Today, we expand the reach of our solutions beyond the vehicle for inclusivity of all workplaces where a solution to mobile device distraction is so desperately needed.”

TRUCE’s (formerly Cellcontrol) patented technology offers employers the ability to manage employee access to particular apps at the right time, in the right place using contextual indicators. As a result, employees work smarter and safer in designated “zones,” where an individual’s mobile device is in use – behind a desk, in a meeting room, traveling in the field, working at a jobsite, etc. This drastically reduces the risk of hazardous driving, dangerous job site conditions, confidential information leaks, and other workforce distractions. Operating on both iOS and Android platforms, the first-of-its-kind CMDM platform is flexible and can be configured to meet each company’s mobile device policy requirements.

“We have a no tolerance corporate safety policy that prohibits mobile devices on our forklifts,” said Luke L’Hoste, Production Manager at Builders FirstSource, Inc., a leading national supplier and manufacturer of building supplies. “However, with TRUCE (formerly Cellcontrol) we are now able to mount a tablet to the forklifts allowing our lift operators to safely access the work order system rather than having to walk to the warehouse to print out the next order.  With TRUCE, the tablet only works when the forklift is turned off.  This has turned our process completely paperless and improved our job throughput and workflow efficiency.”

Boyle added, “CMDM technology isn’t about controlling end-user devices, but rather helping companies to create safer more productive workplaces that enable their employees to do their best work. Best of all, our category defining platform works when you want it to and shuts down when you need it to.”

At TRUCE Software (formerly Cellcontrol), we believe there’s a better way to leverage all a mobile device has to offer in the workplace, while still protecting what’s most important – your employees, your assets and your IP. TRUCE offers the first Mobile Device Management platform to provide flexible, contextual enforcement of your mobile device policy, allowing companies to temporarily suspend distracting mobile apps based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group. Our patented technology operates on both iOS and Android platforms, supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide.

Established in 2009, TRUCE Software (formerly Cellcontrol) is headquartered in Lisle, IL with research and development in Baton Rouge, LA.  To learn more, go to www.trucesoftware.com.

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