Isn’t there risk when everyone tries to run through the revolving door at the same time? That is what your business faces andrevolving-door your drivers confront in a dramatic fashion between now and Labor Day.

The window between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the United States is the riskiest time of year to be on the roads. More people travel during these periods and this congestion and high traffic patterns creates increased risk for your business and your workers in doing their jobs in motor vehicles. This weekend isn’t just about a bank holiday Monday, a long holiday weekend, it’s also the start of one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers.

All of this chaos on the roads and your drivers are working to meet the expectations of your customers. Your workers have people depending on them to deliver.

However, the Memorial Day weekend also marks the start of the two most active seasons in freight and trucking. May and June are square inside what industry insiders call “Find Me a Truck Season,” while August and September are what brokers term “The Peak Season.”

freight-trafficWith more of your drivers on the road, it’s more important than ever to take a proactive approach to vehicle safety. Automobile crashes, according to the IIHS and the CDC, are the biggest cause of workplace fatalities. More concerning is the fact that a bulk of commercial crashes are caused by distracted driving.

You know first hand how damaged and out-of-service vehicles and injured drivers can severely affect the performance of your fleet. When they’re off the road, they’re not producing for your company, making it more difficult for your fleet to deliver.

Are you prepared? The business problem of distracted driving is one you must solve now before the dangerous Summer driving season and peak trucking seasons. We’re all not going to make it through that revolving door at the same time so consider the risks your business faces.


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