The Understated Gains of Mobility

June 07, 2021 | Blog
gains of mobility
Among the many lessons learned from the past year’s events is that companies that embrace mobility are more equipped to handle abrupt changes and challenges. As the workforce has become increasingly deskless, more benefits of mobility have become apparent, including increased productivity and cost savings. However, for companies that have fully embraced mobility, the gains are even more nuanced and far-reaching.

Mobility Makes for Happier Customers

Some employees may never interact with a customer directly. But they’re still integral to delivering a seamless customer experience. Every part of your business operations has the potential to affect your customers and their satisfaction, even if indirectly.

To increase customer satisfaction by leveraging mobility, you must first have a deep understanding of how they are affected by all of the processes of your business. Only then can you identify the ways that mobility can make as many parts of those processes more efficient, so your customers see the benefit. Companies at the top of enterprise mobility understand this well. They see the long-term gains of taking an iterative approach to improving processes and further incorporating mobility as opportunities are identified.

As mobility is leveraged to complete workflows faster, time and manpower will be freed to spend on quality checks and process improvements. Doing so will help you be seen as a dependable provider to customers.

And don’t wait for customers to notice this on their own. Showcase your increased commitment to quality standards to customers. By doing so, they will understand how much you value their business and in turn boost their loyalty to you.

Improved Employee Satisfaction Linked to Higher Profitability

Successfully embracing mobility starts with leadership, but it’s ultimately the buy-in of frontline users that will determine your success. If your mobility program and policies aren’t intuitive, implementation will likely be problematic. However, the right program helps employees work across cross-functional groups and establishes a strong foundation that allows them to carry out their roles easier.

To maximize employee engagement, the digital experience should be tailored to their role. There are likely many processes and procedures to adhere to—it’s your job to simplify this to make mobility an enhancement, not a disruption.

Improving these workflows does more than increase efficiency. Making work easier and more intuitive for employees boosts their satisfaction, and happy employees are less likely to leave. A positive attitude among employees can mean saving on costly hiring and training expenses.

This isn’t just some feel-good sentiment, either. Gallup’s research of over 2 million employees found that engaged employees satisfied with their job become significantly more productive. Companies with the most highly engaged employees are 22% more profitable than those without. Going out of your way to make more tasks more convenient could mean serious gains to the bottom line.

Increased Productivity Means Increased Capacity

A traditionally tedious, pen-and-paper-based process can be shortened up to 80% with the right mobile software. While not all mobile solutions will have this drastic of an impact, they all serve to streamline work processes, so you can get more done in less time.

By definition, this increase in productivity means you’re able to increase production capacity with the same investment of time and manpower. That increased production brings in more revenue while keeping costs stable, which means increased profitability. Even small, incremental time savings begin to add up over time, and so do the financial benefits.

Moving Forward

Mobility allows workers to get the information they need at the exact moment they need it. The benefits from this added agility go beyond communication and productivity – they permeate every corner of your business.

To learn how you can capitalize on all these potential gains, check out our approach to optimizing mobility.

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