TRUCE Software Is Partnered With Multitronic Pro

November 29, 2021 | Announcement

TRUCE Software is partnered with Finnish IT solutions provider Multitronic Pro to make managing mobility simpler than ever with contextual intelligence. Multitronic Pro offers TRUCE’s Contextual Mobility Management solution (CMM) as both a standalone solution and as part of their full-service managed IT solution, mClient. Together, TRUCE and Multitronic Pro are enabling success in the Utilities, Telecommunications, Construction, and Logistics industries.

About mPro
Since 2018, Multitronic Pro has focused on delivering full-service IT solutions with an emphasis on mobility, delivering all the elements of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in one package. Their full-service managed approach, called mClient, includes all the components that a business needs to launch, expand and manage their mobile program.

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