September 15, 2020 | Press Release

TRUCE Software Launches Free Solution to Manage Mobile Devices Used by Field-based Workforces

TRUCE MDM provides the basic functionality businesses need to maximize their mobile technology

TRUCE Software, the global leader in contextual mobile device management technology, announces the launch of TRUCE MDM, a cloud-based platform for the provisioning and ongoing management of mobile phones and tablets used by field-based workforces. The free solution offers businesses access to the fundamentals – understanding what devices are out there – as a first step to eventually managing when, how, and where they’re being used in the workplace.

“We’re excited to launch TRUCE MDM, as it helps organizations maximize the mobile technology that their employees rely on to get the job done,” said Joe Breaux, CTO, TRUCE Software. “The platform supports TRUCE Software’s unwavering belief that businesses require basic visibility and oversight of mobile devices in the workplace to be successful. Implementing TRUCE MDM is the first step to our Contextual Mobile Device Management (CMDM) platform, which helps businesses enforce their mobile device policies by managing when, where, and how mobile devices are safely used in their workplace.”

TRUCE MDM is an easy-to-use solution for device provisioning and inventory, giving administrators the ability to see which mobile phones and tablets are active, who they are assigned to, and whether they are compliant with the company’s policy. A simplified approach to mobile app management allows for the provision of company-related apps quickly and easily to any managed device. The solution ensures basic device security, supports both iOS and Android phones and tablets and can be implemented across company-owned, BYOD, or personal devices.

Breaux continued, “Mobile phones and tablets aren’t one-dimensional endpoints, but rather productivity platforms across enterprises. They connect field-based employees with customers and front office operations to streamline workflow processes and manage new and existing jobs in real-time – all of which stimulates business growth and profitability. TRUCE MDM was designed to bridge the essential visibility and supervision businesses need to contextually manage how devices are being used in the workplace – CMDM. This can unlock the potential for automation, communication, speed and ultimately productivity.”

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