February 04, 2021 | Press Release

Workers Believe It Is Their Right to Use Personal Mobile Devices While on the Job, Survey Finds: But Do They Enable or Inhibit Productivity?

TRUCE Software releases data from national survey on the state of workforce mobility

national workforce survey found employees believe mobility is a key enabler of productivity. At nearly 62%, a significant majority of those surveyed said they agree mobile phones or tablets play a key role in helping them be productive at work.

The research, commissioned by TRUCE Software, the first platform to offer a contextually-aware and responsive mobile device management solution for businesses, polled 1,500 U.S. adults on their views of mobility as a facilitator of productivity, as the pandemic has impacted work – and the workforce – in countless ways. Respondents were asked to identify the nature of their work as essential, deskless (not office-based), remote (not in a company location) or office-based (in a company location)*1.

The pandemic has led to heavier workloads and heavier reliance on mobile

The study also looked at how working hours have evolved over the past year and found the pandemic has ushered in heavier workloads. Over 40% of those surveyed said they’re working more than they were a year ago.

So what can be said about the role mobility plays in serving as an enabler of productivity, versus an inhibitor of it, with a good portion of the workforce logging longer days?

Employees across categories surveyed believe mobility plays an increasingly important role in enabling them to do their jobs. With the majority having said they believe mobile phones or tablets play a key role in helping them be productive at work, respondents also noted they’re using their devices more heavily while on the job than they were a year ago. Over a third (about 36%) said their mobile device usage at work has increased more or significantly more than a year ago. Only about 7% said it has decreased significantly.

My life. My work. My phone.

In this yes or no question, 56% of those polled said yes, they believe it’s their right to use their personal mobile device during work. That’s the notable majority who thinks the ability to use their phone on the job isn’t just a nice-to-have benefit but a right that is inherently theirs.

Coupled with working longer hours and heavier use of mobile while at work, it should come as no surprise that most people surveyed noted they believe the lines between work and personal life are being blurred. Forty-six percent acknowledged this to be the case, with 23% stating they wish they could find a better balance.

Humanizing workforce mobility

“At TRUCE, we believe mobility technology plays a critical role in helping workers feel more connected and productive,” said TRUCE CEO, Joe Boyle. “And while the question of whether it’s an employees’ right to use their personal device on the job boils down to a business’ own mobile device policy, we know there’s a safe way to keep devices in the hands of employees while also enforcing appropriate use.”

Traditionally, mobile device policies and management have not taken into account the human aspect of mobility, Boyle points out. In other words, who is using the device, what is the employee doing at a given time, where are they located, what kind of equipment are they operating or close to, how is their environment changing throughout the work day.

TRUCE helps companies to think situationally about how mobility is used in the workplace and then manage those mobile devices dynamically, providing access to exactly the right applications and functions for the task at hand. When a worker’s environment changes, so does what they can do on their mobile device, automatically and in real time. This gives employers the improved ability to manage not just what’s being used and by whom, but also where and how while still maintaining complete respect for employee privacy. This makes it easy to transform how mobile devices are used by the workforce in a way that increases productivity, rather than inhibits it.

See how your policy is performing

Test how well your mobile policies are protecting the safety and productivity of your employees for free with TRUCE’s mobile device policy assessment tool.

To learn more, visit https://trucesoftware.com/my-work-my-phone/.

1 *It’s worth noting that several jobs that would fall under the deskless category also fall under essential. For the purposes of the survey, respondents were asked to select only one option, with essential workers being asked to select essential even if they are also deskless (e.g. a grocery store clerk or pharmacist).

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