One Giant Leap Closer to Zero Accidents

TRUCE has pioneered Contextual Mobile Device Management that makes devices smarter, workplaces more efficient, and employees safer. It’s easy. It’s seamless. It’s how we make work better.

Watch this one minute video to get a brief overview of how TRUCE can improve productivity and reduce distracted worker liability in your workplace.

Improve Safety in Any Workplace

Whether behind the wheel, on a job site, or in the warehouse – it’s easy to be distracted by the near constant pings and buzzes of a mobile device. TRUCE gives you the power to eliminate distractions in scenarios you define – protecting your employees and communities. Learn how we can make the world safer.


Distracted driving is the new DUI – fueling a growing global crisis and a public outcry to prevent mobile device use behind the wheel.

Make driving safer

Work Site

Construction workers are exposed to serious hazards every day, such as: falls, unguarded machinery, heavy equipment, and electrical wires.

Make your work site safer

On Premises

From the warehouse to the boardroom, mobile devices can increase safety risks, reduce employee productivity, and pose a security threat to IP.

Protect your office

Customer Quotes

“We tried the in-cab cameras in various locations, and what we found is that [they] were designed to only provide answers to events that already occurred. It didn’t necessarily cause a behavior change; it just provided a consequence for bad driving habits.”

“We want to be industry leading; we want people to view our company as the standard in safety. Using [TRUCE] proves that we’re serious about safety. Our long-term goal is to become the company that everybody else wants to be.”

“We chose TRUCE because of its reliability, accuracy and value, including its ability to help us rein in our auto-policy claims that had jeopardized not just our commercial insurance, but also our ability to operate the business.”

“We had an incident in which one of our drivers had to take a ditch and rolled his truck in order to avoid rear-ending a stopped vehicle without brake lights. A witness said that our driver had been on his phone… But we knew that couldn’t possibly be true – we had TRUCE.”

TRUCE Mobile App

Our mobile app can be easily installed on every employee mobile device, whether you use company devices or BYOD. And, it works on both iOS and Android operating systems. TRUCE seamlessly works only in the zones or during the actions you think require more concentration and fewer distractions.

TRUCE can be configured for use across multiple zones, helping you coordinate and understand actions and fine-tune your processes. It helps you manage app behavior when it needs to be, and never when it doesn’t. When it’s not needed, the app drops to the background.

TRUCE Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard analytics are available to your employee on their mobile device which depicts the amount of time spent in different managed and non-managed zones. This allows for a clear understanding of where their time is being spent throughout the work day. Employees can use the dashboard to identify opportunities to be more efficient with their time and get more done.

TRUCE Management Console

We know this sounds complicated: managing multiple policies across multiple devices on potentially multiple worksites (and even on the road). It’s not. Our management console generates rules that are active or inactive depending on employee, zone and activity. Built-in reports make it easy to modify policies, understand employee behavior, and get a fuller picture of what happens on every jobsite. It’s another way you can manage the mobile workforce.

Take Your Giant Leap Towards Zero

Get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim our attention and put us at risk. Find out how TRUCE can help your team to further reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace.

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