Joe Boyle — CEO

A SaaS expert and angel investor, Joe has turned around or started-up a dozen companies or divisions. He’s introduced new lines of business and business models, overseen geographic expansions, and integrated acquisitions.

Joe looks for problems to be solved in systematic ways, which includes building the right team with the right people and giving them the tools they need to succeed. This approach has led him to serve over 40,000 customers, from Fortune 100s to SMBs, the businesses that drive our economy. Joe’s brought that experience to TRUCE, where he’s built the right team to handle every problem, to work together, and to create the solutions that make the workplace better and our world safer.


Every business can learn a lot from hockey

“Hockey moves fast. You fail a lot. Even the best players get knocked down hard. But we all have to get back up. It’s the same in business- I want to help our teams work together, keep getting up, and moving the puck. The chemistry we create makes a huge difference for our customers.”

– Joe