Joe Breaux — CTO

Joe is a tinkerer and an inventor- he builds things that work. He placed in the top 10 in a nationwide automated trading competition while still in college. (Granted, he lost the prize money using the trading machine, but he’s still working on it…) He has 6-8 patents with another half-dozen still pending.

Joe has led the development of TRUCE’s entire suite of products, providing both the technical nitty-gritty and the big picture. He loves the challenge of making mobile smarter, and solving how to make a communication device less distracting, even though it is the nature of these devices to distract.

It’s also in the nature of video poker for the player to lose, but Joe figured out a way to beat that, too. He makes things work.


I like to build things that have never been built before

“I like making software do things it was not originally intended or designed to do. Take how we’re making mobile devices temporarily unable to be a distraction. They were designed to facilitate communication, yet our goal is to suspend that communication. This goes against the core of what those products intended and therefore presents a “challenge”. It’s that challenge of being able to solve the impossible, the things others fail at solving, that drives me.”

– Joe