Steve McKinney — SVP Operations

Steve spent 8 years in US Army Intelligence, with assignments in Panama, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and more. He worked on reopening the US Embassy in Vietnam, and on the turning over of the Panama Canal. If there is a big project with a lot of moving parts that requires attention to detail…Steve’s on it.

Steve was a charter member of the ASP Consortium in 1999, running multiple commercial data centers and managing multiple early ASP and SaaS offerings. Or what we now refer to as the “Cloud.” Steve even helped to set up a disaster recovery center right before Hurricane Katrina where people could go to access their data. He ended up helping to provide shelter, food, and clothing for over 700 people.

That’s the kind of service that we bring to our customers, every day.


Information only works if you use it the right way

“Since the beginning, intelligence has been about balancing the need for information with the ability to use it correctly. That’s what we do: we make sure that information doesn’t become a distraction, and that mobile devices can be used in a way that works for everyone. I want to make sure that our customers, and their employees, are safe.”

– Steve