Created by:

Brian Griffin
Strategic Account Executive

DTE Energy

“At DTE Energy safety is a core value, so that no matter the priority or changing business focus, our commitment toward safety shall not be compromised. No job we do or service we perform is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform each aspect of the job safely.”
DTE Energy Safety Policy

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We created this guide to answer the most common questions we’ve been asked by new users of TRUCE.

[Video] What is TRUCE?

How do you help your team get what they need at work from their mobile devices, without all the distraction? In a word, TRUCE.

[Study] Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

Study finds TRUCE has a 360% return on investment, a payback in less than 3 months, and benefits equaling $12.5M.

[Video] TRUCE and Personal Phones

This video walks through a couple reasons why it is acceptable to deploy TRUCE on personal devices. I know this is important for your team – so I thought this video would help.

[White Paper] How to Create a Culture of Adoption

What if mobile devices could make your employees safer and unleash your team’s productivity? They can – with TRUCE.