Workplace Productivity Software

Increase workplace and employee productivity by enabling the best work from your employees. Freedom from distractions is the freedom to do their job.

Improve Workplace Efficiency by Unleashing Your Employees From Mobile Distractions

We all feel the pull of our mobile devices. Pings, buzzes, rings: it is almost impossible to concentrate on our jobs. But with TRUCE, you can free employees from the anxiety that comes with every chirp. You can give them the power to do their jobs. You can let them do their best work, improving turnaround rates, boosting morale, and growing from the inside.

Truce workplace productivity software gives your employees the freedom to do their job can transform every aspect of your operation.

Speed Up Job Completion Rates

Jobs go faster when everyone is pulling from the same rope. That means you can deliver more on-time, or even before. You can protect your reputation, build customer loyalty, and have better worksite stats to show prospective clients. A little bit of focus goes a long way, at all levels.

Make Better Decisions

A distracted employee has their mind in a few different places. In some cases, that can mean sending a wrong email or swapping key numbers. But at other times it can mean a catastrophic event. No matter where your employee is or what they are doing, having the ability to concentrate means making better short-and-long-term decisions.

Communicate and Problem-Solve Better

We don’t communicate when we are buried in our phones. By helping employees focus on the job, and on co-workers, we can make for safer and more productive sites. Communication increases collaboration on problems that need to be solved, which not only boosts efficiency, it increases safety.

Features & Benefits

TRUCE workplace productivity software ensures that employee safety is never compromised by distractions or restrictions. See how we help you make work better by putting the employee first.

Emergency Bypass

When an emergency happens, there’s no time to waste. We never block access.  

White List Numbers

Family. Schools. Work. They’ll get the calls they need.


We’re not collecting or selling information. We’re promoting employee safety.

White List App

Keep running the apps that are needed for work and safety.

What TRUCE Means for Workplace Productivity

You set the policies for what applications and functions can be used based on where they are most needed to improve productivity.

By Activity

There are a lot of activities that can be done with limited device management. There are some that need more. Set policies in a way that reflect the reality of your workplace.

By Zone

In every workplace, there are areas where distractions can be more dangerous and slow down production more. Manage what mobile devices can do in those zones.

By Employee or Group

Not every employee or employee work group has the same responsibilities. Blanket policies make little sense. You can set who can do what while at work, to allow for more efficient work no matter their personal responsibilities.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions and Get More Done

TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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