Comply with Regulations

TRUCE helps you avoid fines, penalties, and potential legal headaches by using technology to stay compliant with all mobile-related safety regulations and laws.

TRUCE Goes Beyond Guidelines to Maintain Mobile Compliance

Regulations and laws about mobile use while driving or on the worksite continue to grow. But they all mean the same thing: keep your focus on the job, and you’ll avoid penalties. You need to do more than just set guidelines and rely on the judgment of your employees to make good decisions when they are using a mobile device. You can use technology to enforce your policies and manage employee mobile device usage. It’s how TRUCE keeps you compliant.

Maintain Compliance with All Laws and Regulations

It’s easy to stay compliant with laws and regulations when you are able to set your mobile device usage policies and ensure they are followed. An easy and intuitive Management Console allows you to quickly adjust policies as laws and regulations evolve, making staying compliant easy. Best of all, TRUCE automatically updates the mobile app to refiect those policy changes for each employee.

Reduce Violation Fees

When an employee gets pulled over for texting or using a handheld mobile device while driving that eats away at your bottom line. Not only have you lost valuable work time, but repeated violations could attract more attention and generate more fines. So why not avoid all tickets and violations? By employing TRUCE , you turn red flags into green lights.

Avoid Legal Problems

If an employee is injured on a site, a driver gets into an accident, or someone using a company vehicle hits someone, you might be liable. While these incidents are impossible to eliminate, mobile device management can reduce your risk and your exposure by creating a safer workplace for everyone.

Simplify Your Paperwork

We know that, no matter what, there will be incidents. But we make it easier to handle them. With our built-in reporting capabilities, it is easier to pull together all relevant documentation from any accident on the road or on a jobsite. We help you understand what happened, and make it easier for you to show others. Our built-in reporting gives you back your most important resource: time.

Features & Benefits

TRUCE ensures that employee safety is never compromised by distractions or restrictions. See how we help you make work better by putting the employee first.

Emergency Bypass

When an emergency happens, there’s no time to waste. We never block access. 

White List Numbers

Family. Schools. Work. They’ll get the calls they need.


We’re not collecting or selling information. We’re promoting employee safety.

White List App 

Keep running the apps that are needed for work and safety.

What TRUCE Means for Compliance

With TRUCE, you set the policies for what applications and features can be used where. You can set policies based on where they are most needed to improve compliance.

By Activity

An employee driving the company car needs to have more restrictions than the passenger. You have the flexibility to set this.

By Zone

On many worksites, there are areas where distracted employees can open you up to legal liability. TRUCE lets you set policies to reflect changing conditions.

By Employee or Group

Not every employee who texts or every work environment where an employee uses a mobile device will result in fines or fees. Blanket policies make little sense. You set what needs to be controlled.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions and Make Work Better

TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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