Safety Management Software

Enhance Safety of Employees in the Workplace

Lose the distractions behind the wheel and on the job. Increase efficiency and boost morale by improving the safety of your employees in the workplace.


Make the Mobile Workplace Safer for Everyone

Whether behind the wheel of a rig, in the warehouse, or driving a company car, it’s easy to be distracted by the near constant pings and buzzes of a mobile device. That can be dangerous, or even life-threatening. It doesn’t have to be that way. TRUCE makes work safer by giving you the ability to manage employee mobile device usage in areas and times that you define.

Reduce Distracted Driving

As distracted driving accidents continue to climb, so too does your duty of care on many fronts. Even the best intentioned employees can create liability exposure and put your company at serious risk financially and legally when they use their phone while driving. By preventing the distraction in the first place, we help employees avoid taking unnecessary risks and keep them safe whenever they’re on the road.

Improve Safety by Improving Focus

Sometimes it seems impossible to shut out the noise of the modern world. This can be dangerous in any job where focus is critical. Our safety management software eliminates the constant alerts, updates and “fear of missing out” in specific work zones, we help employees focus on the task at hand. It could be the difference between life and death.

Increase Efficiency on Every Worksite

If you manage a construction site, warehouse, or any other work site where there are constant moving parts, you know that distractions can be dangerous and unproductive. Taking real steps to enforce your mobile device usage policies allows employees to do the job that they do best. No more distractions slowing things down.

Create Better Working Conditions for Everyone

Safety of employees in the workplace is extremely important. That means everyone has to pull together, stay focused, and not let their devices distract them from the task at hand. Individual safety precautions flow upward and benefit the entire group. Partnering with TRUCE makes that possible.

Features & Benefits

TRUCE safety management software ensures that your employee safety is never compromised by distractions or restrictions. See how we help you make work better by putting the employee first.

Emergency Bypass

When an emergency happens, there’s no time to waste. We never block access.

White List Numbers

Family. Schools. Work. They’ll get the calls they need.


We’re not collecting or selling information. We’re promoting employee safety.

White List App

Keep running the apps that are needed for work and safety.

What TRUCE Means for Safety of Employees in the Workplace

You set the policies for when and where certain applications and functions can be used to ensure the highest level of workplace safety for your employees.

By Activity

An employee about to operate a forklift can check his pick list on a tablet, but shouldn’t be checking scores. You can dictate which activities have postponed notifications.

By Zone

On many worksites, there are areas that are more dangerous. TRUCE lets you set policies to reflect changing conditions, giving employees the protection they need.

By Employee or Group

Not every employee or employee group has the same responsibilities. Blanket policies make little sense. Focused policies improve safety and boost morale.

Eliminate Workplace Distractions and Get More Done

TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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