The TRUCE Executive Team

Leading the way to protect what matters. Leading the way to make mobile devices smarter.

The TRUCE executive team is made up of people who just want our mobile world to be safer, more productive, and less distracting. We love our devices too. We’re just dedicated to making sure they are used correctly, in context, and that companies are able to do what’s right for them and their employees.

Steve McKinney

SVP Operations

John Nannenhorn

SVP Finance

Pete Plotas

VP, Global Alliances & Business Development

John Goggin

Head of Global Sales

Matt Riley

VP Enterprise Sales

Make Your Mobile Smarter and Make Work Better

Let’s get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim all our attention. TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how.

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