Eliminate the Risk of Mobile Device Distractions on the Road and at Work

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Take the Guesswork out of Enforcing Your Policies

TRUCE™ is like a fine-tuned safety switch for mobile phones. You decide which mobile apps and functions to enable or suppress in work zones that are higher-risk or require more focus.

TRUCE intelligently identifies work environments based on contextual indicators such as movement, proximity or time of day. Once the context is identified, mobile apps and functionality are automatically enabled or suspended based on your policies for as long as an employee is in that work environment.

To put it simply, certain apps or functions work when they should and don’t when they shouldn’t.

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How It Works

How do we make mobile smarter? By making it easy for you to get the information you need to analyze behavior and make adjustments. It’s fast, flexible, and designed for your organization.

Mobile App

We provide your organization the ability to block the communication features and behaviors that you determine need to be restricted to enhance safety and productivity.

Management Console

A built-in data collection and reporting tool that provides actionable insights into employee behavior and trends. Knowledge is the power to improve every process.