Keep Work Safely in Motion Throughout the Workday

TRUCE powers the way that people use and manage mobile devices. It’s time for smarter devices that complement and enhance work – not that overwhelm, distract, or detract from work.

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En Route and on the Job

For over a decade, TRUCE has helped companies solve mobile device distraction and send their safest employees into the field.

Fuel Focus and Cut Distractions

TRUCE supports more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest companies worldwide. Employees protected by TRUCE experience 6x fewer distractions.

Designed for Your Business

You decide what mobile apps and capabilities are accessible, and when. TRUCE’s context-sensing technology does the rest – automatically.

Employee Recognition and Gamification

Level up driver safety with a positive approach that puts humans at the helm. Ignite a competitive spirit where everyone wins and champions the safety culture.

When associates reach their destination, TRUCE continues to protect and support them.

Enterprise Messaging and Communication

Message specific individuals or teams based on location and more. Improve communication and collaboration with a flexible and targeted messaging platform across distributed work teams.

Targeted Event Escalation and Response

Respond to time sensitive operational and safety related situations that occur in the field. If a team member reports an issue, it’s escalated to the right contacts to provide backup or urgent assistance.

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Your Partner in Driving Change

TRUCE comes with a dedicated team to drive implementation and long-term success. Custom utilization dashboards keep ROI at your fingertips.

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“We’ve had a ‘No Phone’ policy in place for several years now, but with the addition of TRUCE we’ve been able to successfully enforce that policy and reduce rear-end collisions – a symptom of distracted driving – by nearly 15%. We’re proud of our progress and strive to continue leading the way to eliminate distracted driving.”

Terminix is a leading provider of residential and commercial pest control services. On any given day, teammates visit more than 50,000 homes and businesses. See how they reduced their costs by $1M with TRUCE.

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Stake Center

“TRUCE is a key component of our broader locator/driver safety program. They are highly responsive, and their platform and tools enabled us to scale the program quickly across our distributed team.”

Stake Center relies on mobile devices and laptops to travel and complete service orders efficiently. They chose TRUCE to protect their connected workforce from digital distraction at scale.

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Davis H. Elliot

“Instead of being on the phone from the show up site to the job site, now they’re not on their phones and they’re able to focus on the job…they’re able to plan better, job briefings were better, and the work was better and more executed.”

Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc. (Elliot), a leading electrical construction and maintenance provider for more than 70 years, deployed TRUCE to both company-issued and personal devices to improve the safety and productivity of their team. The result? A 47% reduction in accidents in the first year and an 86% reduction in associated costs.

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