Heavy Equipment Mobile Device Management

Manage your mobile devices and reduce danger at your warehouse, construction site, factory, and other heavy machinery worksites.

Protect Your Employees and Increase Your Productivity at all Worksites

When you are on a construction site, a factory floor, a warehouse, or anywhere else that requires precision and attention, mobile devices can be a source of danger. Constant alerts and updates steal attention when it is needed most. TRUCE keeps your employees safe and focused on the job at hand.

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Protect Personal Safety

At TRUCE, we focus on making sure that employees can concentrate on their jobs without the temptations of the mobile world. The personal safety of your employees is vital to continued operations. By making sure that they are focused on the job at hand, you will:

  • Reduce time delays derived from accidents
  • Increase communication
  • Create more efficient worksites
  • Improve morale

By working together and employing our forward-thinking and adaptable technology, you can help your employees stay safe on the site and do their best work.

Increase Worksite Safety

Distracted workers compromise more than their safety – they compromise the safety of their colleagues and the entire site. We want to keep you up and running. We want to make sure that everyone works in harmony. That’s why TRUCE is designed to eliminate distractions in:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial plants
  • More

Work with us to create safer worksites for everyone.

Contextual Mobile Device Management: How TRUCE Works for Heavy Equipment Safety

TRUCE lets you set policies that work for you, employing an easy-to-manage mobile application that reduces distractions and gathers crucial insight into actions. Our intuitive system connects:

  • Mobile apps: how you establish context for setting policies
  • Dashboard: Where data is generated and analyzed
  • Console: Where you set policies based on zone, activity, employee, or group.

This is why we developed the Contextual Mobile Device Management platform. When people are working, they can’t afford distractions. Their well-being, and even their lives, may depend on it. When the work day is over your employees can get whatever alerts were waiting for them. You decide what interruptions are delayed.

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The Benefits of Improved Heavy Equipment Safety

What happens when mobile phone apps stop demanding attention? What happens when people can concentrate on the equipment they are operating? You get results. You can:

Avoid fines and other costs
Workers compensation, noncompliance fees, tickets for unsafe worksites, lawyer bills: there are a lot of costs that can come with any accident. Let’s make them less common.
Increase efficiency
Employees work better when their attention is on their job. They work better when they can communicate. When they work better, you get better results. Every time.
Empower employees

Employees want to be able to do their best work. They want to learn more, improve their skills, and focus on short-and-long-term problems. TRUCE gives them that power.

Make Your Mobile Smarter and Make Work Better

Let’s get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim all our attention. TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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