Location-Based Mobile Device Management

Keep your employees safe and on-task whether they are on a worksite or in an office. Protect your people and protect yourself.

The device-oriented workplace demands a smart, modern response. That’s what TRUCE promises: a dynamic and adaptable approach to making sure your employees can focus on their job without the constant distraction of their devices. We make sure that your people stay focused, stay safe, and protect your intellectual property, whether in an office, a warehouse or on a construction site.

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Increase Physical Safety on Worksites

In many worksites, there are machines moving, backhoes digging, and staircases that aren’t quite finished. Distracted employees make every action a little more dangerous. Don’t let anyone walk out a door to nowhere. Employ TRUCE to keep people focused when they need it the most.

Protect Your Information

Whether people are using company or work phones, they can use any number of apps to record sensitive information, intentionally or accidentally. TRUCE uses context to keep sensitive information from being recorded from any device when in managed zones or during specified activities. Make sure that the big internal presentation isn’t accidentally being streamed or intentionally recorded. We enable privacy.

Improve Employee Performance

Even if you aren’t in a high risk workplace, being constantly pulled away by a mobile device slows down productivity, inhibits communication, and reduces employee potential. By unshackling them from the constant ringing and dinging of their mobile device, you give them a chance to do their best work.

Contextual Mobile Device Management: How TRUCE Works for Location-Based Zones

TRUCE lets you set policies that work for you, employing an easy-to-manage mobile application that reduces distractions and gathers crucial insight into behavior. Our intuitive system connects:

  • Mobile apps: how you establish context for setting policies
  • Dashboard: Where data is generated and analyzed
  • Console: Where you set policies based on zone, activity, employee, or group.

This is why we developed the Contextual Mobile Device Management platform. Manage BYOD while respecting privacy. Create zones of management where they are needed most. Give your employees what they need to succeed on all worksites.

Empower BYOD or Company Devices

Different companies have different policies around mobile. While more and more companies are adopting BYOD, many continue to use company devices. We’re policy agnostic. We work to protect your people and your employees no matter which approach you use, while still protecting employee privacy in non-work matters.

The Benefits of Improved Location-Based Mobile Device Management

Empower your employees

Employees do their best work when they can put off checking all their alerts and updates. This lets them succeed and thrive while generating real loyalty.

Increase overall efficiency

Workers on the site can move faster and safer. Workers at a desk won’t be distracted by news about a cousin’s lunch. Everyone can work better.

Improve bottom line

When employees do their best work, when accidents are reduced, and when communication improves, you cut costs and deliver faster. You make more.

Make Your Mobile Smarter and Make Work Better

Let’s get rid of the pings and vibrations that claim all our attention. TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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