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I have telematics/cameras, why do I need TRUCE?

Most of our customers rely on telematics for their fleet management. TRUCE complements those investments by “engineering out” a significant portion of the issues that telematics systems capture. Issues often that require valuable time and resources to address. For example, with a telematics solution, a company can generate a report of all harsh braking events […]

How does the pricing work?

Generally speaking, the cost for TRUCE per user is far less than the cost of a cup of coffee. We realize that companies come in all different sizes, and how mobile technology is used on the job is equally varied. So, rather than a one-price-fits-all approach, we will instead work with you to develop the […]

Does TRUCE block mobile phone signals in the workplace?

TRUCE does not block mobile signals – it is actually illegal to do so. Instead, TRUCE uses management to foreground over a device screen, suppressing access to any app or function not allowed by company policy. Calls and messages are still being received by the device, but any audible or visual notifications or alerts are […]

Do you require additional hardware?

TRUCE does not require additional hardware to function. There are specific situations where the use of our Beacon technology will enhance the benefits of our solution. TRUCE will evaluate your specific use case to determine if a Beacon is recommended. The TRUCE Beacon is included in the subscription price at no extra charge.