Workplace Safety Software

Eliminate distractions. Prevent accidents. Protect your information. Boost productivity. TRUCE’s workplace safety app makes mobile devices smarter, making your workplaces safer.

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Improve Safety and Limit Liability in Any Workplace

Mobile devices have transformed the way we work, from boardroom to the warehouse floor. By giving employers discretion over mobile device usage in the workplace, TRUCE helps you unleash the potential of your workforce. We’re working with you and your team to make work better.

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Vehicle Zone

Industry experts agree – driving while distracted is one of the leading causes of road accidents. If you have employees on the road, you have an obligation to keep them and the communities you serve safe. By eliminating the pings, buzzes and other mobile app diversions preventing employees from focusing while they are driving, you can:

  • Stay in compliance with regulations
  • Avoid fines and legal liability
  • Work with employees to improve their driving
  • Create a safer and more productive workplace, boosting your reputation

Let’s work together to keep our eyes on the road.

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Heavy Equipment

Some workplaces are noisy, distracting environments. Some jobs have enough risk on their own without distractions. Workers need to stay focused for their own safety and well-being. We can help improve worker productivity in:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial plants
  • More

Smarter mobile devices create a safer, better workplace for everyone.

Make your worksite safer


Whether your office has a BYOD strategy, or you use company devices, you want to keep your information safe and your employees on-task. We can help you:

  • Black list apps that could be used to record and spread sensitive files
  • Keep work and private communications separate
  • Increase productivity
  • Help employees and managers at all levels manage their time

By working together, we can all work better.

Protect your office

What it Means to Make Mobile Smarter

Smarter mobile means that you boost workplace productivity in a way that works for your business. It means a platform that advances your company goals. It means transforming the culture of your organization from bottom to top.

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Enhance Safety

Whether you’re on the floor or behind the wheel, distractions can be dangerous. We help employees stay focused while at work.

Keep Compliant

Avoid fees, paperwork, and potential legal troubles by using technology that lets you automatically stay in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Boost Reputation

A safer workplace where employees are happy and productive impressing customers, prospects, and potential employees.

Protect Privacy

We don’t compromise employee privacy. TRUCE works in designated areas and never interferes with life outside work. It’s a perfect balance.

Increase Productivity

When employees are safe, free from distraction, and happy, communication and productivity see increases. Let smarter mobile devices speed you up.

Empower Employees

Free your employees from distracting apps and interrupting alerts so that they can focus on their work and do the job that they do best.

Cost of Distraction White Paper

Employers are faced with the additional risk of negligence if their employees use mobile phones while driving a company-owned vehicle.

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Make Your Mobile Devices Smarter and Your Workplace Safer

Protect your employees, your resources, and your reputation. Let’s make smarter devices and better workplaces.

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