Eliminate Harmful Student Phone Distractions

TRUCE’s patented solutions to reduce cell phone distractions have been used for over 10 years by major U.S. companies. Now this technology will be available for schools.

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A Smart Solution to a Growing Epidemic

72% of high school teachers say student smartphone distraction in the classroom is a major problem.

Parents, teachers, school administrators, medical professionals, academic researchers, and politicians have raised serious concerns about cell phones in school. The evidence is clear: Students’ mental health and academic performance is at stake. TRUCE offers a proven solution.

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How TRUCE Promotes Student Focus and Wellbeing

Instead of storing students’ phones in lockers and pouches, or requiring students to leave phones at home, schools can automatically enforce phone policies of any complexity. 

TRUCE enables flexible, common-sense policies:

  • Restrict harmful phone use during specific times or in particular locations.
  • Keep specific apps available for valuable educational purposes, students’ schedules and homework, or urgent communication with parents.
  • Easily install TRUCE on student phones on the App store or in Google Play. 

TRUCE is managed via portals for school administrators and parents, which can be readily integrated with existing school IT infrastructure.

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We Respect Student and Family Privacy

TRUCE works by suppressing or enabling specific mobile apps as defined by the school or district and on school premises only. TRUCE does not access photos, videos, passwords, browsing history, texts, email content, or application activities.

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Explore the Impact of Phone Distraction in Schools

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California Moves Toward School Cell Phone Ban

The Los Angeles school board plans to ban cell phones during school to counter its detrimental effects on mental health and learning outcomes.

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Experts Rally to Stop Student Phone Distractions

U.S. senators Tom Cotton and Tim Kaine have formed a bipartisan alliance to study the effects of smartphone use in schools on student learning and wellbeing.

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An Anxious Generation

Teachers and administrators have observed clear links between rising phone addiction and anxiety, loneliness, and academic decline.

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