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Brian Griffin
Strategic Account Executive

Lennox National Accounts

“[Our drivers] did not have to load the app on their personal devices if they didn’t want to. However, if they didn’t do that, they were not going to be allowed to have the device in the cab during the day.”
Rick Frawley – Chief Legal Officer – Ferrellgas Partners

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[White Paper] How to Create a Culture of Adoption

What if mobile devices could make your employees safer and unleash your team’s productivity? They can – with TRUCE.

[Video] TRUCE and Personal Phones

This video walks through a couple reasons why it is acceptable to deploy TRUCE on personal devices. I know this is important for your team – so I thought this video would help.

[Video] Permissions for iOS

This video discusses what permissions are needed in iOS – and why each permission is specifically requested.

[Video] Permissions for Android

This video discusses what permissions are needed in Android – and why each permission is specifically requested.

[PDF] Creating an Effective Mobile Device Policy

We’ve pulled together some best practices around creating and implementing an effective mobile device policy.

[Video] What is TRUCE?

How do you help your team get what they need at work from their mobile devices, without all the distraction? In a word, TRUCE.

[Video] Side-by-Side Comparison

See what it is like to drive with and without TRUCE in your vehicle – and learn the benefits for both your drivers and company as a whole.

[Study] Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

Study finds TRUCE has a 360% return on investment, a payback in less than 3 months, and benefits equaling $12.5M.

[White Paper] Kick Distracted Driving to the Curb

Explore the leading causes of distracted driving – and the benefits and limitations of popular distracted driving technologies.