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Kirby Rabalais
Strategic Account Executive

Manitoulin Transport

“Manitoulin’s culture of safety was not achieved overnight. It requires rigorous internal standards, painstaking attention to detail, and a desire for continuous improvement. It means not cutting corners to save money or time, or settling for just the basic safety measures we are obliged to meet, but going beyond what is expected.”
– Gord Smith – Chief Executive Officer

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[PowerPoint] TRUCE and Manitoulin

Here is a copy of the slide deck we walked through illustrating how TRUCE can help Manitoulin eliminate distracted driving.

[Video] TRUCE and Personal Phones

This video walks through a couple reasons why it is acceptable to deploy TRUCE on personal devices. I know this is important for your team – so I thought this video would help.

[Study] Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

Study finds TRUCE has a 360% return on investment, a payback in less than 3 months, and benefits equaling $12.5M.

[Video] Distracted Driving

See how you can improve the safety of all your drivers by eliminating mobile device distractions before they occur.

[Template] Sample Distracted Driving Policy

You had asked for a sample Distracted Driving Policy template. I’d be happy to discuss this with you.