Asplundh Finds A Better Way with TRUCE

A presentation from the NETS 2021 STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Fleet Safety Benchmark Conference

Asplundh is the largest vegetation management and utility related services company worldwide. With more than 35,000 employees, safety doesn’t happen by accident at Asplundh. The company is committed to providing a safe workplace free from recognized hazards, including distracted driving. After turning to TRUCE, employees are now 9 times less likely to be in an at-fault MVA. Watch their story here.

“My advice to anyone that’s on the fence or considering this or looking for the next thing to implement past the education piece is: just do this. It’s a very cost-effective, minimally invasive kind of thing. Our employees like this a lot more, I would say, than they do video cameras and those kinds of things. And really we have very little to next to no pushback today in using the TRUCE software.”

Bruce Mellott, Vice President of Corporate Safety, Asplundh