Context is Everything:
Embrace the Benefits of Mobility, Without Sweating the Risks

The potential benefits of enhanced mobility in the workplace are becoming more and more clear.
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About the eBook

For many organizations, though, the anticipated risks to employee safety and data security posed by mobile device usage can often slow the overall digital transformation of the business. What if these risks could be reliably mitigated through the situation-based management of mobile devices, providing organizations with the confidence and reassurance necessary to embrace mobility to the fullest?

“Context is everything” when it comes to getting the most that mobility has to offer the workplace. Take a more in-depth look at how context can unlock an organization’s ability to leverage the constantly evolving benefits of technological innovation in the workplace.

Key Topics

Complementing existing IT infrastructure and technologies with Context.
Safety should no longer be a barrier to embracing mobility.
Ensuring data security in a remote work environment.