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HVAC contractor takes back control by reversing collision increase

Estes Services provides dedicated heating, cooling, indoor air quality and automation control services for residential and commercial business owners in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Estes has been in business for more than 70 years, employs more than 120 people and maintains a fleet of 96 vehicles.

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Overview: Estes HVAC Contractor

In the second half of 2015, leadership at Estes Services noticed an increase in collisions caused by their drivers. Worse still, they started to hear a ‘murmur’ of negative feedback from other drivers on the road about the driving behavior of some of their workers. Being a well-known HVAC company with heavily branded vehicles prominently displaying their phone numbers, the company actively sought feedback from the communities they served. Responding to this type of feedback was critical.

By the beginning of 2016, the situation was getting worse. The company was informed that its insurance coverage might not be renewed, but if it was, the company could face very steep increases due to the rate of accidents attributable to Estes drivers. There had been 17 employee-related collisions over the course of the prior year, and it was clear that Estes needed to take proactive steps to combat distracted driving in their fleet.


Lowering accident rates from distracted driving to keep insurance premiums down

Bolstering the company reputation in the market despite negative feedback on their drivers

Enforcing their corporate mobile device policy in a reliable way


Estes Services chose to implement TRUCE™ across their entire fleet of company-owned vehicles and all employee mobile devices. With TRUCE the company could enforce its fleet safety policies and help it retain its commercial insurance.

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“TRUCE helped us rein in our auto-policy claims that had jeopardized not just our commercial insurance, but also our ability to operate the business.”

Brian Estes
Vice President, Estes Services

A year after deployment, insurance claims dropped to just one claim for Estes Services

The Right Technology to Limit Risk

To retain its insurance, Estes Services’ insurance broker suggested TRUCE. The service was attractive because of its flexibility, allowing Estes to enforce their safety policies by determining what apps and functions are enabled for employees while driving. This allows the employee to stay productive and connected while in a hands-free environment but not distracted by texts or alerts or by accessing unnecessary apps.

Estes Services deployed TRUCE across their fleet and set a customized mobile device policy for its drivers. Now, Estes Services’ zero tolerance distracted driving policy can be properly enforced. According to company policy, TRUCE must be installed on company phones as well as any personal phones or mobile devices that are brought into the workplace. A small beacon deployed in each fleet vehicle provides context for the TRUCE mobile app, only activating the app when the mobile device is in proximity to the beacon. This ensures app access is only managed when mobile devices are being used in company vehicles, not on an employee’s personal time.

The easy-to-use TRUCE solution also provides real-time reporting to fleet managers in order to enforce the company’s mobile device policy.

Nearly a year after deploying TRUCE, the company’s at fault auto policy claims dropped to just one claim.


Accidents dropped by 94%

At-fault policy claims dropped to one claim in the first year

Supports rather than restricts the way Estes does business

Back on Track

“At Estes Services, we know that distracted driving is a huge safety issue for everyone on Atlanta’s roadways and so our goal is to keep our employees and the communities we serve safe,” said Brian Estes, Vice President of Estes Services. “We chose TRUCE because of its reliability, accuracy and value, including its ability to help us rein in our auto-policy claims that had jeopardized not just our commercial insurance, but also our ability to operate the business.”

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