[Video] The Ecosystem of Fleet Safety

Keeping your drivers safe on the road means investing in and managing a comprehensive road safety program. But when mobile devices enter the picture, those solutions just aren’t enough. You need to stop distracted driving before it starts. That’s where TRUCE comes in. TRUCE turns off distraction where, and when it counts, it’s like a smart safety switch that takes your mobile device policy and your coaching and training and puts them into action, automatically.

TRUCE doesn’t just show you dangerous driving after the fact. It actually prevents the driving behaviors that put your drivers, the community you serve and your business at risk. TRUCE works with the other elements of your road safety program to make sure driver’s attention is on the road, not on the phone. With TRUCE, you can spend less time coaching drivers out of unsafe habits and training them on your policy.

Your drivers won’t rely on ADAS to get them out of near misses. You’ll have fewer distraction events and less panic braking and harsh maneuvering. You’ll see real impact in your performance scores and telematics data, and in your bottom line. Make sure there are no gaps in your road safety ecosystem with TRUCE.

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Mobile device-related accidents are the “new DUI”.

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