How Terminix Protects What Matters Most With TRUCE

The Team

Operates more than


light-duty vehicles
Drives more than


miles annually
Services more than


locations daily

The Challenge

Created a No Phone Zone Policy
The company chose to ban all mobile device usage while driving – a policy that was backed by research and took a lot of effort to roll out.
It Felt Right and Looked Great
But, in a competitive, sales-driven industry, priorities and policy do not always align.
Not Worth the Paper It Was Written On
Without enforcement, the company knew the policy wasn’t working.
Push to Go Hands-Free
Team members’ vehicles are their offices, and reality requires specific mobile device capabilities.

The Solution – TRUCE

Here are 5 reasons why Terminix partnered with TRUCE to proactively protect teammates from digital distractions while they are driving.

A Better Way to Manage Device Use

A condition of going hands-free was bringing in a management tool to provide compliance visibility to the new policy. TRUCE provided an easy management tool that could scale without adding complexity.

Automatic Protection

Devices automatically go in and out of policy in real time, making it easier for teammates to adopt.

Helped Improve Behavior

Removing distractions helps teammates be more focused and less worried about response urgency.

Less “Big Brother”

TRUCE didn’t record teammate behavior. TRUCE just prevented unsafe and distracting alerts from coming through.

A Collaborative Partner

The TRUCE team listens to feedback, shares best practices, and is committed to delivering the highest value.

The Results

Employees Protected by TRUCE are:

3x less likely to be in a crash

4x less likely to be in a preventable crash

3x less likely to have a rear-end accident or sideswipe

50% fewer

call-in complaints about aggressive driver behavior

But, more importantly, teammates began embracing driver safety. Recognition programs and competitions began to sprout up organically.

Was it worth it?

Yes. 100% TRUCE has saved lives.

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