National services contractor uses technology to exceed customer expectations for safety

Founded in 2010, JV Communications and Electrical Contractors provides residential installation and maintenance services for clients in the telecom, power, water and civil engineering industries, including Virgin Media, Actavo and Bord Gais.


In 2018, JV Communications was awarded a contract with a new global utility customer, one that would require a significant change in how their field workers operated. As a condition of the contract, the customer required their subcontractors to follow the same exacting standards for quality and safety as their own corporate standards. This included a zero-tolerance policy against employees using a mobile device while driving. The consequences included termination of the employee for even a single offense.

JV Communications wanted to not just meet their new customer’s safety requirements but exceed them. To do so, they needed a solution that would successfully enforce their mobile device policy and provide the reporting necessary to demonstrate compliance. Charlie Grendon, Managing Director of JV Communications, realized that the best way to enforce their mobile device policy would be to eliminate the risk in the first place. Banning mobile phones altogether, however, was not an option.


Measurable compliance with the company’s mobile device policy

Eliminating the risk of unsafe driving while not impacting productivity

Demonstrating a company-wide initiative to improve safety, not just a mandate given to drivers


Grendon and JV Communications deployed TRUCE™ across their entire workforce of 40 drivers and engineers.

“I’m taking a ‘duty of care’ approach by implementing TRUCE and it demonstrates we’re doing everything in our power by using technology to meet the high standards and policies of our customers and, at the same time, keeping our drivers safe.”

Charlie Grendon
Managing Director, JV Communications and Electrical Contractors

Implementation also yields 27% savings in fleet insurance policy in first year


TRUCE was deployed to every employee’s mobile phone and activates only when the employee is in a risk zone, or in this case, driving one of the company vehicles. When active, TRUCE enables only those functions that are critical or relevant while driving, such as maps and music. All other apps are not accessible while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the employee to focus on the road and improving the overall safety of the trip.

With the TRUCE web-based management console, the company can set different policy standards on what functions are accessible to an employee based on their job function, time of day, or even type of vehicle. The TRUCE management console also delivers dashboards and reporting that gives Grendon the insights he needs on the compliance of his drivers.

Hitting the Bottom Line

Not long after being awarded the new business from the global utility customer, Grendon was also facing a fleet policy renewal with his insurance company. Grendon arranged a meeting and presented his insurance broker with information about the TRUCE solution that he had recently deployed, impressing both the broker and the underwriter. As a result, they presented Grendon with a renewal policy that led to a 27% reduction in his fleet policy expense. The fact that JV Communications was willing to add technology to eliminate distracted driving and improve the safety of his employees gave the broker the confidence to work with an underwriter willing to pass on a discount to the company.


Flexibility to adjust mobile app accessibility based on the work function

27%reduction in annual fleet insurance policy expense

Auditable compliance and reporting for customer safety requirements

Competitive advantage driven by higher safety standards and proven compliance

The Right Technology to Limit Risk

The ability to enforce a mobile device policy, reduce risk and increase the safety of not just their employees but the communities they serve gives JV Communications and Electrical Contractors a true competitive advantage in the market. “If you’re really serious about safety, you find technology that takes the risk out of it,” concluded Grendon. “We’re happy with the results from TRUCE because it works, and that is the bottom line.”

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