Leader in transportation industry leverages TRUCE® to enable in-cab technology upgrades

Founded over 30 years ago in Green Bay, WI, Paper Transport operates 900 power-units and 3,200 trailers with a focus on regional truckload, dedicated truckload, and intermodal services. Of its 1000 employees, Paper Transport employs over 250 truck drivers and 150 office professionals in Northeast Wisconsin alone and has averaged 18% growth annually over the last 10 years.


After running proprietary, in-cab technology for years, Paper Transport wanted to significantly improve the engagement of its drivers in the vehicle and use technology that would also improve the operations of the business. This involved replacing legacy systems running green screens in the cabs with newer and more advanced solutions including tablet devices, in-cab cameras and telematics.

Migrating to a new platform allowed the company to use best-in-class mobile apps in the vehicles, provide custom solutions built by the company, as well as lower the hardware expense of proprietary systems. But with the new technology came an increased concern for distracted driving, according to Peter Covach, Director of Information Technology at Paper Transport. “We wanted to improve the engagement of the drivers in the vehicle but also manage how the drivers accessed the applications,” said Covach.


Preventing distracted driving introduced by the deployment of tablets in the vehicles

Finding a solution that still enabled appropriate access to relevant apps when the vehicle was in motion


TRUCE became a key component of the company’s technology migration. With TRUCE, Paper Transport was able to define policy settings for mobile devices and enable only the navigation, hours of service and weigh station bypass functions while a vehicle was in motion. TRUCE also helped drivers to adhere to the hands-free corporate policy for phone use.

“TRUCE is a reliable, proven solution that has provided exactly what our business needs. It fits in very well to our business.”

Peter Covach
Former Director of Information Technology, Paper Transport

Staying ahead in the transportation industry means using technology as a competitive advantage

Eliminating the Risk of Distracted Driving

When the technology plan was first presented to the president of the company, it was met with great support, but also with a single, significant condition. The president insisted that if distractions from the tablet devices couldn’t be prevented, the project was a “no-go.” Covach needed to find a solution that would allow the technology upgrades in the vehicles and in addition, keep the drivers from using the technology while driving. The reality and risks of distracted driving were well understood by the president. Covach set out to find the best way to manage the use of tablet devices while driving.

Addressing Customer Concerns

While the company already had a formal policy that prohibited the use of mobile devices while driving, they didn’t have a way to enforce it. In addition, some Paper Transport customers take the matter of mobile device distraction as seriously as Paper Transport does. “When our drivers are on site, our customers are very strict about our drivers’ use of their mobile devices,” said Covach. “Most customers won’t even permit our drivers to walk the grounds of their yards while on the phones. We certainly don’t want them using the devices while driving.”

Getting Up and Running

The ease of implementation of TRUCE stands out for Covach. “TRUCE is one of the best types of implementations,” stated Covach. “The system is set up and the policies established, and it just works and is effective, creating a better experience for the drivers.”


Ability to make critical technology investments to better engage their drivers and improve operations

Ability to customize the TRUCE solution based on their corporate mobile device policies

The assurance that the company is operating in a safe and responsible manner in the motoring public

Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Paper Transport was able to move forward with their significant technology upgrade and extend its leadership position as a technology innovator in the transportation industry. Covach is pleased with how TRUCE enabled all the pieces to come together and better manage the tablet devices. “TRUCE is a reliable, proven solution that has provided exactly what our business needs. It fits in very well to our business,” added Covach.

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