Gartner Research: Digitalization Calls for a Modern Approach to Classifying Endpoints

The digital transformation of enterprises has accelerated over the past few years, and a growing majority of today’s workforce rely on endpoints – smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, AI, etc… – to effectively perform their jobs. But technology teams are now finding out that traditional management platforms weren’t built to support the needs to today’s businesses.

In July 2020, analysts at Gartner released research around the growth in end-user computing devices and the shortcomings of traditional IT asset management solutions. Per the study, “As Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints and wearables become common, data captured by traditional asset management systems will not meet the needs of stakeholders and businesses… Traditional asset management solutions are designed with traditional devices in mind; hence, they don’t support newer endpoints well.”¹

Want to learn more about endpoint management and Gartner’s seven layers of endpoint classification? Download Gartner’s complete research report by filling out the form on this page.
Gartner Research Report

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¹ Gartner, “Digitalization Calls for a Modern Approach to Classifying Endpoints”, Leif-Olof Wallin, Stephen Kleynhans, Nick Jones, 14 July 2020.

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