Distracted Driving with a Connected Workforce

TRUCE polled over 1,500 adults about their work-related mobile device usage habits and whether or not their employers have policies in place to define and enforce safe and appropriate use.


Gearing Up for Work


of employees carry at least 1 mobile device with them while working.
Yet just half of employees said their employer has any sort of Mobile Device Usage Policy in place.
And only 30% have technology solutions in place to monitor or enforce those policies.


of employees carry a Personal device while working.
Yet only 39% of companies have a policy in place to address Personal device usage.

Enforcing appropriate use… or not.

Does your employer have a policy in place to define how you can use mobile devices during a typical workday?
Does your employer have technology or software that allows them to monitor or control your mobile usage during a typical workday?
And even when employees carry a Corporate device, nearly


will still use their Personal phone to answer work calls, texts and emails.
In a tight labor market, it’s important to do whatever possible to attract and retain talent. Explore 5 Reasons to Enable Personal Use of Corporate Devices.

Working at the Wheel


of those who drive as a daily part of their job (not including commuters) said they feel pressured to respond to work-related calls and texts while driving.
Younger respondents (under 45) are more likely to feel pressure to respond to work correspondence while driving than older respondents (45 and older) at 43% versus 29% respectively.
Men also report feeling more pressured to respond while driving than women, at 41% versus 31%.

Mobile Usage for Work Tasks Continues to Climb


of respondents said at least some, if not most, of their work tasks (other than voice calls, texting or email) can now be completed using apps on a mobile device. 18% say that specific tasks must now be completed on their mobile device.
say their use of digital tools has increased over the past 2 years
say their use of digital tools is the same as 2 years ago
say they use digital tools less frequently than 2 years ago