Reasons to Enable Personal Use of Corporate Mobile Devices

Reasons to Enable Personal Use of Corporate Mobile Devices

There are a number of ways companies can deploy and manage mobile devices. One strategy is called COPE, or “Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled”, which provides employees with mobile devices that are owned, managed, and maintained by the company. Employees, however, are able to personalize their device and download personal/non-work related apps to their liking when off the clock or when appropriate.

5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) Devices


Promote Work/Life Balance

In a tight labor market, it is important to do whatever possible to attract and retain talent. Roughly half of respondents to a TRUCE survey stressed the importance of enforcing work/life boundaries. A COPE deployment enables things like allowing access to personal apps only off the clock and company apps only while on the clock.


Reduce Cyber Risk

87% of information security executives now agree that mobile devices represent a bigger security risk than computers. A COPE deployment approach eliminates the need for employees to bring personal devices into the workplace – thus eliminating risks associated with personal rogue devices – while enabling the use of corporate security tools to ensure the protection of company apps, networks, and data.


Improve Employee Experience

Employees have high expectations for work technology based on the tools they use in their personal lives. A COPE strategy empowers employees with consistent, high quality mobile experiences – improving their experience with company apps. This in turn improves employee satisfaction, making it less likely they’ll leave for other opportunities.


Establish Ownership to Reduce Costs

Through a COPE strategy, companies can take advantage of bulk pricing on phones, plans, licensing, etc. Employees will take better care of those devices, keep them charged, and have corporate apps updated and ready for when needed. They will treat the devices more like a personal device, resulting in less loss and breakage. And IT/mobility teams will be able to spend less time and money maintaining devices when they aren’t fixing multiple manufacturers, models, or systems.


Improve Employee Safety

Companies are relying more on mobile devices and lone workers to enable 24/7 operations, serve broader customer groups, and work across more remote and/or dangerous environments. A COPE strategy gives employees access to smart mobile devices that have important safety features built-in, like lone worker safety or distracted driving prevention.

Manage Mobility for How Work Gets Done

It’s time to consider the worker – where they are, what they are doing, and what’s happening around them – when thinking about how to manage your mobile technology. Want to learn more?

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