The Connected Workforce

What workers want to see more (and less) of in 2022
the connected workforce report
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About the Report

Empowering the workforce with the best technology has to offer, especially as more work processes become digitized, has never been more important to the overall employee experience. Technology has the power to provide choice, increase productivity, and enhance safety.

But, hold the phone…or tablet.

Not all workers are diving in readily. TRUCE conducted an online Google Survey in December 2021 of over 1,200 working adults across the U.S. to get their take on the good, the bad and the ugly of the fast-track digital transformation of their employers.

Key Topics

How do employees feel about technology’s impact on establishing boundaries between work and personal lives?
What are employees hoping for when it comes to how they will be working throughout 2022?
What do employees see as the top concerns when it comes to work-related technology?