Leading plumbing, mechanical and electrical services contractor implements TRUCE™ to extend company focus on safety

For more than 50 years, ShoffnerKalthoff MES, Inc., a division of Comfort Systems USA, has been providing HVAC, electrical, plumbing, millwright and other construction and manufacturing services for its commercial customers. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, the company employs a workforce of more than 450 team members.


ShoffnerKalthoff has grown considerably over the years but one cornerstone has remained the same – a pervasive culture of safety. No other aspect of the business is as important as the safety and well-being of their team members, as demonstrated by the numerous awards and recognition the company has received over the years. Company leadership takes proactive steps to lower incident rates across job sites and employs dedicated safety directors and requires ongoing team member training to reinforce their safety mission. It was this focus on safety that drove the executive leadership to suggest that something needed to be done about the growing risks of distracted driving.


Stopping distracted driving to improve the safety of their employees

Finding a technology solution where eliminating distracted driving was the primary function

Deploying quickly and easily with no impact on productivity


After testing and comparing multiple systems, including telematics solutions, the company selected TRUCE to eliminate distracted driving and help enforce their safety policies.

“If a company wants their team members protected and all going home safely to their families at the end of the day, they should consider TRUCE.”

William West
Operations Manager, ShoffnerKalthoff MES, Inc.

The right solution to improve the safety of our people

Leading the effort to find a software solution was William West, operations manager for the company. With over 20 years’ experience working for SKMES, West spent more than 17 years working in the field. Today he is responsible for all the field manpower for plumbing and mechanical services and has a key role in job site productivity. West knows intimately the work that the team members do to provide service to their customers and the key role that safety plays. “We issue company phones to our team members and understand the risks of distracted driving. We didn’t want bad outcomes to happen on company business, so we sought out a solution,” said West. “I’m also a bit of a techie so I knew we could find the right solution to take extra steps to enforce and improve the safety of our people.”

SKMES tested other systems in the past to help manage the manpower in the field. West indicated, “We’ve used other systems in the past. They work great for GPS but do nothing for distracted driving. Those other systems are limited to just telematics. I knew ahead of time that there were different solutions in the market. I just didn’t know which one could cover all our bases. TRUCE wraps it up all in one.”


West described the roll out of TRUCE as refreshingly simple especially since nothing was hardwired in the vehicle. He especially valued the implementation support from the TRUCE team as they rolled out the solution across the different divisions. “I’ve talked to customer support and they’ve always been great. All the TRUCE contacts have helped us out a lot and addressed any questions we’ve had quickly. They were key in getting us up and running,” said West.


A single solution protects against distracted driving and also provides insights for coaching driving behavior

No time lost or vehicles taken out of service to implement TRUCE

The Right Technology to Lower Risk

West believes that all companies with employees in the field should consider TRUCE to stop texting and driving and all other distractions from the mobile devices in the vehicle. “If any other company was looking to improve driver safety and stop distracted driving, I’d recommend TRUCE. You can make all the rules you want but until you take the extra measures to enforce your policies, you’re not protecting the safety of your people.”

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