Building a Culture of Safety

Creating an effective culture of safety takes the commitment of an entire organization from the top down. Leaders need to be visibly dedicated to change by communicating the organization’s vision and openly receiving feedback from employees addressing concerns, in...

Increasing Worksite Safety & Productivity in Industrial Work Environments

Manufacturers and industrial enterprises across industries have long embraced the benefits of mobile computing and smart devices for better performance on the production floor, efficiency on the assembly line and heightened communication across the supply chain....

Eliminate Phone Alerts in Work Zones

There’s a new danger in work zones. It’s not falling equipment, excessive noise, or collapsing trenches. No, this risk comes from a device that fits in the palm of your hand – we’re talking about notifications from phones. Notifications from phones (also known as push...

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How TRUCE Works
TRUCE and Privacy
What is TRUCE? For Employers
What is TRUCE? For Employees
The Contract is Signed. Now What?