Safety Starts with Leadership at Walsh Group

At Walsh Group, it is everyone’s responsibility to educate and care for their fellow worker. Sean Walsh and Dan Walsh Jr. reflect on the Actively Caring culture of Walsh, where every individual is empowered to stop unsafe behavior and offer up suggestions to improve safety.

Contractor Keeps Workers Safe by Blocking Unnecessary Smartphone Use on the Job

Source: Becky Schultz, For Construction Pros, August 15, 2019


When you have roughly 3,500 full-time workers to manage, keeping track of mobile device usage on the job might seem to be the least of your worries. Yet, such devices breed distraction, and distraction amplifies risk in an industry already considered to be among the most dangerous to work in.

That’s why Walsh Construction is taking mobile device management so seriously. The 120+-year-old, fourth-generation family-owned company is in the process of implementing intelligent contextual mobile device management (CMDM) technology from TRUCE Software throughout its organization. Its objective is to cut jobsite incidents and make sure every member of its sizable workforce makes it home safely to their family at the end of each shift.

“Distracted driving accidents have become one of the leading causes of injury and fatalities across North America, let alone within the construction context,” says Sean Walsh, president and managing director, Walsh Construction Group. “From an injury standpoint, it’s far outstripping DUIs these days.”

TRUCE In Action: A Day in the Life


Your employee is on the road for a few hours, whether that is on their commute or a delivery. You can help make sure they have their eyes on the road while in a company-owned vehicle.

Heavy Equipment

Cranes, forklifts, and dozers – wherever there is heavy equipment, there needs to be focused attention. Ensure your employees are safely using equipment – or are aware when moving around it. 


While mobile devices help employees, they are also the primary cause of distraction. TRUCE can be enabled on-premises to help keep employees focused and productive.

Non-Managed Zones

There are a lot of areas, times, and activities where TRUCE isn’t needed. We work everywhere we should, and never where we shouldn’t. That’s balance. That’s TRUCE.

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