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Stop Distracted Driving

Improve Vehicle Safety for All Your Drivers

Eliminate mobile distractions whenever your people are driving. Create safer roads and protect your employees.

Mobile devices are the leading cause of distracted driving, a leading factor in automobile accidents. We all know why they distract. We’re bombarded with constant updates and alerts and can’t resist the temptation to immediately respond . It seems like second nature by now. But when you’re driving, it shouldn’t be. And it doesn’t have to be.

TRUCE gives you the power of contextual mobile device management, delaying use of distracting apps while your employees are on the road. It’s how you protect employees, and the communities in which we live and work. It’s how we make a safer world.


Dedicated to Safety, Productivity, and a Smarter Workplace

Mobile Device Management for Commercial Drivers

An accident only takes a second. Whether your employees are delivering goods across country or a package across town, texting, checking email, and engaging with other mobile apps can be the cause of that one terrible second. By employing contextual mobile device management, you keep eyes on the road, avoiding accidents.

You also avoid the fines and fees associated with using hand-held mobile devices while driving: Penalties can be up to $2,750 for drivers and up to $11,000 for employers who allow or require drivers to use a hand-held communications device while driving.

Mobile Device Management for Field Employees

There are a lot of jobs where people use company vehicles or drive personal cars on company business. That includes commercial driving, residential or commercial services, and field sales. That amount of driving and a reliance on mobile devices seems like a dangerous combination, but it doesn’t have to be. Our contextual mobile device management can eliminate distractions and monitor safety for drivers on company time.

If using a personal car, TRUCE’s Contextual Mobile Device Management allows the policies to be enforced only during working hours or work-related activities. Even in the same vehicle, personal time remains unmanaged.

We all have a responsibility to a safer road. We’ll help you meet it.

TRUCE Mobile App

Our mobile app can be easily installed on every employee mobile device, whether you use company devices or BYOD. It seamlessly works only in the zones or during the actions you think require more concentration and fewer distractions.

Our app can be configured for multiple zones across multiple devices. It can help you coordinate and understand actions, helping you to fine-tune your processes. It helps you manage app behavior when it needs to be, and never when it doesn’t.

It gives you control over mobile.

TRUCE Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard analytics are available to the employee on the mobile device which depicts the amount of time spent in different managed and unmanaged zones. This allows for a clear understanding of where their time is being spent throughout the work day and based on the type of work being performed in each zone, these insights start to offer opportunities for workflow optimization and workday efficiency.

  • How long is an employee in a managed zone?
  • How much time is spent in managed activities?
  • What does the last day look like? The last week? The last month?

This information gives you a clear look at your company’s workflow, helping you understand efficiences, redundancies, and where time can be better spent. 

Passenger Mode: Machine Learning for a Better Human Experience

At TRUCE, we make sure that if a person isn’t driving they have full usage of their apps. We use the front and rear camera on the mobile device to determine position in the car. If they are in the passenger seat or backseat, the policy automatically shuts off. If they’re in the driver’s seat, we protect them from having their attention divided by their device.

Contextual Mobile Device Management: How TRUCE Works for Vehicle Safety

TRUCE lets you set policies that work for you, employing an easy-to-manage mobile application that reduces distractions and gathers crucial insight into behavior. Our intuitive system connects:

  • Mobile apps: how you establish context for setting policies
  • Dashboard: Where data is generated and analyzed
  • Console: Where you set policies based on zone, activity, employee, or group.

This is what contextual mobile device management means to us. When people are driving, they can’t be distracted. When they aren’t, they can get whatever alerts were waiting for them. You decide what noise is delayed.

The Benefits of Improved Safe Driving

What does it mean to have safer roads? What are the benefits of mobile device management for your employees? Here are just a few:


Fewer accidents is our primary goal for driver safety. You can take more responsibility for protecting everyone on the road, starting with your employees.


Accidents slow down your processes. They make customers unhappy. They jam you up with paperwork. Let’s help everyone driver smarter, and get to where they’re going.

Your reputation will be protected by fewer accidents. Not only do you have less fines, but you uphold the duty of care to your workers and to the communities you serve.

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