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Brian Griffin
Strategic Account Executive


1. I make safety a part of every decision.
2. I make safety personal.
3. I have the courage to intervene and made sure the customer was not impacted.

Contains 4 assets

[Video] What is TRUCE?

How do you help your team get what they need at work from their mobile devices, without all the distraction? In a word, TRUCE.

[PDF] Creating an Effective Mobile Device Policy

We’ve pulled together some best practices around creating and implementing an effective mobile device policy.

[Video] Ferrellgas Case Study

Watch/listen to Rick Frawley discuss the issue of distracted driving at Ferrellgas – and what they did to reduce accidents by 40% in 1 year.

[Template] Sample Workplace Device Policy

This template example outlines generic rules and policies for the use of Mobile Devices by Employees in the workplace.