Mobile Device Management for a Field-Based Workforce

A simplified approach to managed mobility.
For workforces as varied as the environments they work in.

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Traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are designed to track and control end points, to help IT managers better control cost and risk.

But mobile phones and tablets aren’t just endpoints. They keep your employees in the field connected, accelerate the dispatch of resources, and enable the real-time management of work, fueling the growth of your business.

TRUCE MDM allows you to easily provision and manage the mobile phones and tablets your team is using. It’s managed mobility for work, however and wherever work is getting done.


A Platform for Growth

TRUCE offers a business solution to a business problem: how to get the most out of mobile technology without any of the downside safety risks. It starts with knowing what devices are out there, and how and why they’re being used.

We believe that basic visibility and oversight are just the beginning and something all businesses need. That’s why we offer access to the TRUCE MDM solution for free. And, when you’re ready, upgrade to our robust CMDM platform to manage when, where, and how mobile devices are safely used in your workplace.

Unlock the potential for automation, communication, speed, and productivity with TRUCE Software.

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Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

iOS or Android

Manage any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet. Easy, guided implementation for company-owned, BYOD or personal devices.

No Minimums or Limits

A platform for your company today and as it grows.

Zero Fees

No set up fees or monthly charges – because knowing what’s there should be free.

All This for All That – $0 per Device per Month

Device Inventory and Visibility

See what devices are being used, who they are assigned to and whether they are compliant with your policies.

Mobile App Management

Install the apps you want quickly and easily to any managed device.

Device Security

Enforce passwords and protect a device that is lost or stolen. Enable or suppress select functions such as cameras, fingerprint locks and cloud back-ups, all according to your policies.

No-Fuss Enrollment

Getting started is as easy as entering the phone numbers of the devices you want to manage. And you can enroll as many devices as you need all at the same time.

TRUCE Works Where You Work

TRUCE Software helps you protect what matters most: your employees, your assets, your business reputation and your bottom line.

We help leaders keep track of the mobile technology that supports their business. We help workers stay focused by eliminating distractions so they can get the job done. And, we put your mobile device policies into action, protecting your workers, your workplace and the communities you serve.

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