Prevent Heavy Equipment Accidents

Keep workers safe and focused while working with heavy equipment.

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Ensure Safety Around Heavy Equipment

Nearly half of all fatal occupational injuries occur in transportation, material moving, construction and extraction occupations*

Distraction has no place around heavy equipment. The chance of heavy equipment accidents increases as workers handle mobile devices on the job. With TRUCE, you’ll automatically prevent mobile devices from distracting equipment operators and protect the pedestrians around them.

How TRUCE Promotes Heavy Equipment Safety

Allows Emergency Access

Your workers will always be able to call for help, because there’s no time to waste in an emergency.

Automatically Protects Operators

Block specific apps and functions so that workers can safely operate heavy equipment. Allow them again when engines are turned off.

Provides Whitelisted Functionality

Enable access to any job-specific apps, alerts, and/or phone numbers your policy allows.

Prevent Heavy Equipment Accidents
Shifts as They Shift

Heavy equipment operation is dynamic. TRUCE is like digital personal protective equipment that adapts to each worker’s environment.

Safeguards Pedestrians

Equipment operators work with obstructed views and blind spots. Ensure that everyone on/near heavy machinery stays aware of their surroundings.

Senses Contextual Dangers

TRUCE reads movement, vibration, proximity to heavy machinery, time of day, and more.

Focus on Heavy Equipment Safety with TRUCE


What’s Around the Device Determines What’s on the Device

Context sensing technology detects when workers operate or are near common types of heavy machinery. Workers stay focused on the job and their surroundings, creating safer work environments.

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A Partner With You at Every Turn

Extend Your Team with TRUCE

Extend your team with dedicated experts who are with you from discovery to support.

Your TRUCE team is committed to understanding your people, processes, and safety culture in detail. These experts will help you drive faster adoption of TRUCE and get the highest return on your investment.

Implementation Project Manager

Coordinates your project and resources for a rapid roll out that goes right the first time.

Customer Success Team

A partner that focuses on your goals and results, helping you hit them today and into the future.

US-Based Technical Support

A team of experts your admins and users can interact with to quickly resolve any issue that arises.

Change Management Best Practices

Change can be scary. Access templates and strategies to ensure employee adoption and reduce stress.

Expert-led Training

Attend live or on-demand sessions that train, highlight best practices, share tips, and more.

A Scout to Lead the Way

Access years’ worth of insights, tools, and processes in a portal configured to your unique users and needs.

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Ready to reduce heavy equipment accidents?

TRUCE can help your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace.

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