Empower Employees with the Right Mobile Access

Ensure safe and productive use of mobile devices and get the best work from your employees, free from distractions.

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Mobile Devices Don’t Have to be All or Nothing

The right mobile tools can shorten processes up to 80%*, but the unintended safety and productivity risks often lead to overly-prohibitive policies and forced limitations.

You’ve invested in mobile devices to improve employee performance. Instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach to how you manage those devices, use TRUCE to automatically adjust what your employees can do on them in real-time – bringing critical apps to the forefront while controlling the distracting alerts and features that impact safety and productivity.


What TRUCE Does

Allows Emergency Access

Your employees will always be able to call for help, because there’s no time to waste in an emergency.

Enforces Your Policies

Automate compliance with your mobile device policies in real-time as employees move throughout the day.

Right Apps, Right Time

Ensure access to the apps and functions that are needed to effectively perform a task while minimizing distractions.

Empower Employees with the Right Mobile Access
Speed Up Jobs

Prevent frequently distracted employees from slowing down work or making mistakes, ensuring jobs get done correctly and on time.

Make Better Decisions

No matter where your employee is or what they are doing, having the ability to concentrate means making better decisions.

Communicate Better

Enable collaboration between employees while preventing them from being buried in their phones, helping them stay focused on the job.

You Need a Partner Who’s With You Every Step of the Way

Extend Your Team with TRUCE

Extend your team with dedicated experts who are with you from discovery to support.

Your TRUCE team is committed to understanding your people, processes, and safety culture in detail. These experts will help you drive faster adoption of TRUCE and get the highest return on your investment.

Implementation Project Manager

Coordinates your project and resources for a rapid roll out that goes right the first time.

Customer Success Team

A partner that focuses on your goals and results, helping you hit them today and into the future.

US-Based Technical Support

A team of experts your admins and users can interact with to quickly resolve any issue that arises.

Change Management Best Practices

Change can be scary. Access templates and strategies to ensure employee adoption and reduce stress.

Expert-led Training

Attend live or on-demand sessions that train, highlight best practices, share tips, and more.

A Scout to Lead the Way

Access years’ worth of insights, tools, and processes in a portal configured to your unique users and needs.

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Ready to free employees from the anxiety that comes with every chirp?

TRUCE can help your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace.

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