Warehouse Safety Solutions for Forklift Drivers and Pedestrians

Prevent common forklift accidents with a warehouse safety solution that keeps employees aware of their surroundings.

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Ensure Worker Focus and Safety in and Around Forklifts

Thousands of forklift accidents take place every year at job sites in the US.

When employees use mobile devices around heavy pieces of machinery, speed limits and seat belts only go so far. With TRUCE, you’ll automatically prevent forklift accidents that involve digital distraction. Reduce property damage, lost time, and liability exposure.

What TRUCE Does

Allows Emergency Access

Your employees will always be able to call for help, because there’s no time to waste in an emergency.

Enables Automatic Protection

Block apps and functions as soon as the forklift is turned on. Allow them again after the forklift is turned off.

Provides Whitelisted Functionality

Enable access to any job-specific apps, alerts, and/or phone numbers your policy allows.

Improve Forklift Safety for Operators and Pedestrians
At the Dock

Heighten focus at the docks, where employees are often moving quickly to hit tight production and shipping deadlines.

Forklift Pedestrian Safety

Most forklift operators work with obstructed views, so ensure employees around them remain alert and visible.

Traveling & Maneuvering

Scan items and access apps when a forklift is off, but not when it’s maneuvering down the aisles or approaching warehouse racking.

Stay Focused on Forklift Safety with TRUCE


Manage what an employee can access on a mobile device, in real-time, according to where they are and what they’re doing.

If your team uses mobile technology to improve work processes and reduce costs, they can do so safely with TRUCE. You no longer have to choose between investing in smart technology and restricting device use in the name of safety, productivity, and security.

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We Help Carry Your Heavy Load

Extend Your Team with TRUCE

Extend your team with dedicated experts who are with you from discovery to support.

Your TRUCE team is committed to understanding your people, processes, and safety culture in detail. These experts will help you drive faster adoption of TRUCE and get the highest return on your investment.

Implementation Project Manager

Coordinates your project and resources for a rapid roll out that goes right the first time.

Customer Success Team

A partner that focuses on your goals and results, helping you hit them today and into the future.

US-Based Technical Support

A team of experts your admins and users can interact with to quickly resolve any issue that arises.

Change Management Best Practices

Change can be scary. Access templates and strategies to ensure employee adoption and reduce stress.

Expert-led Training

Attend live or on-demand sessions that train, highlight best practices, share tips, and more.

A Scout to Lead the Way

Access years’ worth of insights, tools, and processes in a portal configured to your unique users and needs.

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TRUCE can help your business reduce forklift accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety, and create a better work environment.

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