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Now more than ever, a growing majority of the workforce is positioned to benefit from smartphone and tablet usage. No matter where your employees work, you want them safe and focused on what they are doing. Use the resources on this page to learn how to dynamically enforce your mobile use policies when and where they are needed, ensuring mobile devices don’t introduce unnecessary risk and your people and business can get on with the task at hand.

TRUCE in Action

TRUCE and Terminix

See how TRUCE is helping the leader in pest management services to improve communications and enhance the effectiveness of their field operations through the safe use of mobility.

How TRUCE Works

TRUCE is like an automatic safety switch on a mobile device, dynamically switching to a protected mode based on your policies, then switching back to normal operation when not in a managed state.

TRUCE and SoCalGas

SoCalGas has embraced mobility in their field operations, seeing measurable improvements in customer support and productivity. TRUCE is helping them make sure the devices deployed to the field are used at the right time and place.

Mobile Worker Safety powered by TRUCE

Dynamic Intelligence

Adjusts user profiles and enforcement as the needs of the worker change based on movement, proximity, and other context of the individual user.


Integrated permissions that can scale out to the entire workforce while still being hyper-local to each worker.


Built on the Apple foundation, protecting the privacy of the user, their apps and data.

We add the people factor into MDM. Helping the world to work safer and more productively. See what we can do for your company.