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Reduce Work-Related Accidents by Eliminating Distractions

TRUCE is an app that makes mobile smarter, preventing accident-causing distractions before they happen. Automatically manage distractions on employee devices in risky situations where focus is critical—making workplaces more efficient while making safety a habit.

How Do We Make Mobile Smarter?

While other solutions block indiscriminately, TRUCE’s zoning intelligence knows when you’re in a hazardous environment and automatically blocks distracting apps and features. It’s fast, flexible, and designed for your organization.

Employee or Group
Heavy Equipment
On Premises

Promote a
“Big Brother” Culture

Promote a
Culture of Safety


Instead of monitoring employees to prove guilt after the fact, TRUCE makes it easy for employees to focus—preventing accidents in the first place.

Lock Them
Out Entirely

Empower Employees
to Connect Safely


While other distraction-eliminating software renders smartphones useless, TRUCE optimizes devices for safe and essential functions.

Make Them
Feel Controlled

Make Employees
Feel Trusted


While other companies record their employees’ every move, TRUCE allows employees to use approved apps without being tracked. Your employees’ privacy is protected.

Hold the Distractions

TRUCE makes using mobile phones behind the wheel or on the job safer for your employees and your company.
See how companies strengthen their safety culture with TRUCE.

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Making the Shift to a Distraction-Free Workplace

TRUCE doesn’t just protect your workforce—it empowers people to adopt safer habits. Our customer support team is here to help your employees understand how TRUCE benefits them.

When surveyed beforehand, a majority of our customers expected resistance to TRUCE from their employees.
However, after adopting TRUCE, the same customers found that their employees overwhelmingly approve.

Based on a 2020 study conducted by a third-party consultant.

Is TRUCE Right for Your Business?

TRUCE offers an undefeatable solution to policy compliance – your employees can’t opt out or delete it from their device. That means you can rest easy knowing your policies are being enforced.

Do your employees:
Drive as part of their job.
Operate heavy equipment.
Drive vehicles branded with the company name on the side.
Use mobile phones or tablets for work.

After Implementing TRUCE, Our Customers See an Average Crash Reduction of 30–40% or More

“We block about 60,000 message and calls each month. That’s 60,000 times your eyes weren’t taken away from the highway. That number is going down because people are actually changing their behavior.”

Fleet Manager

“We have reduced at-fault accidents by up to 76%.”

National Fleet & Risk Manager, Environmental Services

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