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MasTec prides itself on ‘Meeting customers’ changing needs.” Mobile technology is changing how and where your employees work to meet those needs – introducing unnecessary safety and liability risks.

Together with TRUCE, we can put all the pieces in place to build a safer, more productive workforce at MasTec.

“That’s our company’s name on the side of the truck and our reputation. TRUCE helped us reduce complaints about our technicians on the road by more than 50%.”

Mike Letters, Fleet Safety Manager, Terminix

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“Now they’re not on the phone and they’re able to focus on the job… They’re able to plan better. Job briefings were better. The work was better and more executed.”

Shelby Ramsey, Corporate Director of Transportation and Safety Training, Davis H. Elliot

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“You have to start with the premise of why you’re doing this – we call it an actively caring mindset, which is part of our culture – and get [employees] to understand that this is not just for them but for their families… and everyone that we come in contact with all day long.”

Sean Walsh, President, Walsh Construction Group

“The Safety Task Force got the stakeholders involved very early. And that included the IT department and our operations personnel… And we were able then to demonstrate that the technology was capable of paying for itself, right out of the box possibly. ”

Rick Frawley, Chief Legal Officer, Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.

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TRUCE Works Where You Work

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Many MasTec employees share workspaces with forklifts or other hazardous machinery. Simply being around these pieces of equipment while in operation can be dangerous. TRUCE would allow these employees to only use the necessary apps and features needed – ensuring they remained aware of their surroundings in any high risk situations. And when the forklift has passed or the equipment is turned off – the device returns to normal operation.


While MasTec employees face safety risks across the workplace, driving remains one of the most dangerous according to National Safety Council data. And distracted driving is a main cause. TRUCE enables your fleet to access the features and apps they need throughout the day, while suppressing any notifications and preventing them from using their phones while they are in motion – when they need to be focused on the road. When the vehicle stops moving – the device again returns to normal operation.


From power to pipe, construction to communications – MasTec employees work in a diverse mix of environments. No matter where they go, their mobile device will follow them… and so will TRUCE. Ensuring they continue to get the most out of those devices – while remaining safe each and every step of the way. And when your employees return home safely, are out to lunch, or out of any high-risk situations – they will again have full access to the apps and functions on their devices.

How TRUCE Works

TRUCE is like an automatic safety switch on a mobile device, dynamically switching to a protected mode based on company policies, then switching back to normal operation when not in a managed state.

TRUCE can help you deliver a more productive and meaningful mobile user experience to MasTec employees – while supporting your unwavering goal of zero accidents.

TRUCE Ensures Safer Mobile Productivity

Automatic Protection
Switches the phone or tablet to a protected state as soon as the app detects a high-risk situation

In Case of an Emergency
Access to emergency services is always enabled

The Right Apps at the Right Time
Select which job-specific apps to allow employees to access depending on the situation

Preventing Not Tracking
TRUCE doesn’t track where users go or what they do – we just help them do it safely.

Stay Connected Safely
Enable handsfree calling for all calls or select calls based on your policy

Any Device. Anywhere.
Built for iOS and Android platforms enforcing your policy even when WiFi is down or cellular coverage is lacking

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